Our Story

Devoted Daddy and I met and married quickly... like 11 weeks quick.  We met on eHarmony (he'd been on for 6 months, MM had been on for 3 days).  Within a week we were closing out our profiles and planning our forever.

DD came with two darling sons; born 2002 and 2004.  DD is 41.
Manic Mama came with three lovely daughters; born 2000, 2002, & 2005.  MM will turn the dreaded 35 in 2012.  Thankfully, my FSH and ovarian reserves all indicate I have several years of fertility ahead.   Right now... we are "unexplained" with a history of PCOS.

2 of the girls and 1 of the boys were conceived through mild fertility assistance (medication and timed intercourse).  MM has conceive only once in 8.5 years (chemical/early miscarriage). 

MM has PCOS and has spent most of her adult life anovulatory. She had several surgeries a few years back that caused lingering issues... like cervical scarring to the point of the cervix being closed completely, then reopened, but only enough to let a scanty menstrual flow through.  This also caused major depletion of fertile CM (needed for swimmers to reach egg). A laparoscopy in December 2011 revealed some scar tissue/adhesions (removed) but no blockages or any other barrier to achieving a pregnancy.

DD has a borderline count (good sometimes at 30-60mil/ml, sad at times with 1.6-2mil/ml) and slightly slow swimmers... nothing insurmountable.  After washing, counts have been good and motility has been great... with the exception of cancelled cycle 3, we've had a good insemination but no positive pregnancy tests (until one chemical in a natural cycle).  It looks like we like each other a bit too much and were depleting supply with the frequency of our attentions.  Ahem.  So, spacing out our attentions is a must... although easier said than done.

MM always wanted a horde of children (or a quiver, if you will).  She'd be thrilled with any children we get; via birth, adoption, foster, whatever... as long as they are ours forever.  That said, there is a strong, undeniable desire to procreate with the love of my life.   Plus, our kids hound us daily to provide them with a younger sibling (or two or three).

Most people don't understand our quest or how hard infertility is for me despite being the mother to this wonderful brood... when your heart desires a baby and it's unattainable, it doesn't matter if it's baby 1 or baby 12 (I know, I couldn't get pregnant with baby 1 for a very long time!).