Cycle History

October 2010- random 20 day cycle (1 day of bleeding at 3dpo) implantation bleeding?  Negative.  From bleeding day to next cycle, normal 30 day length.

December 2010- suppression BCPs.

January 2011- October 2011, natural cycles, waiting for RE appointment.  Ovulatory.  Cycles are 26-31 days long with the exception of two this year over 35 days.

August 2011- Begin weekly acupuncture. 

October 11, 2011- First appointment with Dr. Awesome.

October 13, 2011- AF shows, cycle 1 starts.
October 15-19 (CD3-7) clomid 150mg, OPK beginning CD10.
October 25 (CD13) first positive OPK
IUI #1 October 26 (CD14) dilate cervix through scar tissue, spotting, cramping
Follicles- one on left at 24mm, 2 on right at 26 & 28MM - 32 million motile swimmers, 3.5 progression.
October 27, (CD15) BBT rise, confirming O for CD14.
November 2 (CD21) progesterone draw, 19.6
November 5 (CD24) severe pain, scan, suspected endo flare.  Negative Beta.
Cycle 1 Fail

November 11 AF, cycle 2 starts.

November 13 (CD3) base scan, 16 total Antral Follicles, thin lining, no cysts
November 13-17, clomid 150mg.
November 21 (CD11) start OPK's no line at all through CD14.
November 25th (CD15) scan, one follicle at 26mm on right. Progesterone at .84 indicates no ovulation yet.   OPK shows surge at noon. Schedule IUI for tomorrow morning.
IUI #2 -November 26th (CD16) wake to elevated BBT indicating possible ovulation in last 24 hours.  IUI at 10:30AM, 37 million motile, 3.5 progression. Cervix was open still from last IUI, painful but no dilation required, minor spotting.
BBT continues to confirm ovulation for CD15.
December 2, (CD22) progesterone draw 23.4
December 10 (CD30) BBT drops

December 11, 2011  AF- New Cycle Begins
December 22- surgery for endometriosis & cervical dilation

January 9, 2012 Post Op Appt.  Adhesions were removed from bladder/uterus/bowel.  No endo.  Clear tubes. No obvious issues. Plan is set for IUI #3, w/ monitoring & trigger. Scan looks good, ovaries are clear/no cysts, okay to proceed with ovulation induction.

January 11, 2012 AF- Cycle 3 Begins
CD3-7 150mg clomid
CD12 Scan- two follicles, 18 & 24mm, Pregnyl trigger 10,000 given, IUI scheduled for 24 hours.
IUI #3 January 23, 2012- Cycle 3 CANCELLED  (low sperm count)
4dpo trigger test- positive (digital)
5dpo trigger test- negative (digital)

February 9, 2012 AF- Cycle 4 Begins
February 11, 2012 baseline scan
IUI #4 February 20, 2012- scan shows 3 follicles- RT at 27mm, LFT at 18 & 21mm.  HCG trigger, 10,000iu Pregnyl.  IUI Scheduled for 9:45 AM 2/21/12.
AF March 8, 2012 -  Cycle 4 Fail

March 2012- Rest Cycle... figuring out what comes next.

April 2012- clomid 150mg, timed intercourse.  Fail.

(Miscarriage cycle) May 2012- medication rest cycle.  Timed intercourse.  I've lost 20.2 lbs.  Conceived naturally.  18dpo Beta 18, 20dpo Beta 9, spotting starts.  
June 15, 2012- miscarriage.

June 19, 2012- Beta <2, okay to proceed with medicated cycle.  Clomid 150mg CD5-9. (This is cycle #19 of hardcore TTC).
July 1, 2012 (CD17) ovulation confirmed via BBT (no + OPK).  Discomfort in ovaries felt like multiple ovulation over CD17-CD19. 
July 4, 2012- start progesterone suppositories (1/2 100mg 2x daily).  18 day LP.

July 20, 2012- new cycle.  Clomid 150mg CD 4-8.  Timed intercourse.  Negative.  19 day LP.

August 23, 2012- new cycle. Clomid 150mg CD3-7, trigger (3 follicles- 27.4, 22.8, & 22.1), TI. Negative. 16 day LP.

September 22, 2012- new cycle.  No medication.  Colonoscopy/Endoscopy scheduled for CD12 (family history & Celiac recheck).  TI.  Negative.  18 day LP.

October 24, 2012- new cycle.  Clomid 150mg CD3-7.  Scan CD11- 4 follicles on right 14mm-18mm, 1 on left 10mm, lining 6.3mm.  CD 13 @ 2:30pm- HCG trigger (10,000iu Pregnyl).  TI.  17day LP.  Negative.

November 24, 2012- new cycle.  CD2 scan, 30mm cyst on right ovary.  BCPs.  Rescan scheduled for Dec. 9.

Dec. 9, 2012- scan shows well behaved ovaries.  All go for cycle start.  Will stop BCPs on Dec. 12 and start injections on CD3.  Christmas baby, maybe?

December 13, 2012- AF, IUI #5 cycle starts!  225iu HMG/Lepori CD3-5, 150iu HMG/Lepori CD6, scan on CD7 reveals 4 mature follicles (17.6mm-19mm) and lining already at 10.2mm.  One more shot of 225iu HMG/Lepori on CD7, trigger 10,000iu Pregnyl on CD8 at 10pm.  IUI on CD10 at 9:30am.   Swimmers- post wash 34 million, 93% motility, 3.0 progression.

January 2, 2012- POAS, 11dpo/IUI- BFP!!!!!!  The line is faint, but there!
January 3- first BETA, 12 dpo/IUI- 78!  Definitely pregnant!
January 5- 2nd BETA, 14 dpo/IUI- 272!  Triple +
January 9- 3rd BETA (at my neurotic request), 18dpo/IUI- 1781!
Jan. 15, 2013- It's TRIPLETS!
Jan. 22- scan #2- watching Baby A & C
Jan. 29th- scan #3- C stopped growing, A & B look great
Feb. 5th- scan #4- A & B look great, HB 171 & 166.  A's sac is still odd shaped.
Feb. 12th- scan #5- B looks great, HB 165.  A passed away.
Released to OB, first appointment on Feb. 25, 2013.
Sept. 9, 2013- c section scheduled