Friday, September 14, 2012

The Laughing Infertility Menace

It's like a cruel joke to see the digital "PREGNANT" staring at you when you know it's not true (or at least not registrable yet).  And why didn't that photo stay turned the correct way? 

This is what I get to look at as I test out the HCG trigger. . .

Why do I endure this torture?  Well. . . if I don't test out the trigger, then when I finally get that BFP I won't trust it because it could *possibly* be residual HCG from the trigger shot.

Why two tests?  The ClearBlue Digital aren't overly sensitive so I wanted to see how the Dollar Tree "Assured" brand stacked up.  In my miscarriage cycle, the Dollar Tree tests were as sensitive as First Response Early Result.  This time at 6 dpt both were positive, at 8 dpt ClearBlue was negative but there was the faintest hint of a line on the Dollar Tree test. 

I'm understanding what they mean when they say "A Little Pregnant".

In other news. . .

I'm 11dpt (past trigger) and waiting. . . I had a great temp dip on my chart yesterday at 9dpo and today my temp spiked up looking tri-phasic. . . we shall see what the next couple of days hold.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trigger Happy

Today marks CD13.  I have three follicles on the right ovary-  they measured at 27.4mm, 22.8, & 22.1.  My lining was at 9.2mm which resolved my concerns over the clomid affecting my endometrium.  The left ovary was lazy, but that's okay.  Three big, fat, follicles is plenty for me.

Dr. Awesome thought my LH surge may have already started with how big my follicles are.  I had some lines on the OPK yesterday but nothing that was positive by test standards.  I tested 3x daily from CD10-12.  Anyway, Dr. A was in a hurry for us to get some BD on since we didn't want to miss our window.  We triggered even though he wasn't sure it was necessary.  Last BD session was Sunday after a 72 hour break, so that should have gotten some good swimmers in there.  Today was icing, although the break may not have been long enough for the sperm count to be good (40hrs, we test best at 60-72 hours).  (There was conversation over if it was worth doing a LH blood test, but I'd possibly have to trigger anyway and the blood test costs as much as the trigger- so why not skip it since the trigger won't cause any interference with ovulation even it it has started.)

Hubs ran home from school and we managed to get a quickie in.  That's all it takes, right?  While he rushed back to school, I propped up my rear for 30 minutes.

We truly are that comedic infertile couple the movies depict. . . *sigh*.

Here's hoping tomorrow shows a temperature spike.