Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Update

Mickey Mouse is in my uterus!  :-)

Here's the scoop.  Three sacs are still growing but only two have live babies.  So, at this point we have twins, but my body thinks there are three since the sac is still getting bigger.  Evidently little jelly bean #3 quit growing but jelly beans #1 & 2 are keeping the sac going. 

Jelly Bean #1- CRL 9.1mm, GS 27.7mm, HR= 125bpm  (6wk 6days)
Jelly Bean #2- CRL 12.7mm, GS 23.8mm, HR= 144bpm (7wk 4days)
Today I am officially 7weeks 3days pregnant. 

Sac 1 is very odd shaped. . . for a minute, Dr Awesome thought we had four sacs now.  Then he realized it was one odd shaped sac.  He searched all over for a hidden identical twin in that sac, but only found the one baby.

This image doesn't show it well, but Jelly Bean #1 & #2 are pretty close in size and both are measuring correctly for this stage.

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